I have decided to study Spanish

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May 24, 2017 06:17
I have decided to study Spanish

Today, I began to study Spanish by myself. Since I came to the UK, I have heard a lot of Language everywhere. When I was in Tokyo, it is too rare hearing other languages. Especially, I'm familiar with Spanish, Greek, Chinese which are my classmates' first languages.
Recently I thought I wish I could speak one more language. This thought came from some of my friends and classmates, they can speak more than 3 languages. I'm really surprised about them because in Japan, we are literally using just Japanese in our life. We learned English from junior high school to University, but it is just a useless education. Nobody can speak English properly. I was also horrible English speaker roughly 2 years ago, but I attended an extra English course and also I studied hard.
However since I could communicate in English! , My perspective and knowledge have developed a lot. I realised how my world was tiny when I was speaking only Japanese. I think I need to communicate more of the people in the world.
Why I choose Spanish, is simply I love the pronunciation, also many people speak Spanish. I'm already confused the articles though. I'll try to remember easy words bit by bit.
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