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May 7, 2018 07:38 english theuk uk japan japanese English education
[Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view?]

The UK has many free museums as anyone can keep in touch with arts and cultures. However, due to keeping them for free, the UK citizens have to pay 20% tax which is extremely high. However, I don't agree with the view that the government has to spend money on something else instead of spending money on the arts.
I know the country which does not really spend money on the arts, that is Japan. Someone may not believe that Japan does not spend money for that, it is a culturally developed country as everyone knows, but compared to the UK or other Europe countries and maybe the United States, the Japanese government resists arts. Therefore I know that what is happened if the government does not really spend money much and I absolutely hate that situation.
First of all, In Japan, if we want to see an exhibition, we need to pay a pretty expensive entrance fee. However, most exhibitions in Japan are temporal exhibitions and their collections are quite few and a poor quality. That makes people keep staying away from arts, and because of the quality of exhibitions, no one will be impressed with them. That also makes people will think "arts are boring." In fact, many my Japanese friends said that "I am not an art-related person and I am not even sure where I should start to learn arts." This is a quite sad situation that people almost feel "blind" when they think of arts.
I believe arts are worth spending the time to have interest and learn about it. In Japan, everyone thinks a true success is they are economically wealthy and have a status in the society. But they may notice that if they cannot enjoy "free time" of life, that means life is boring.
I am very impressed and appreciated that I can see brilliant artworks anytime as long as I am in London.
and that made my life so much better than when I was in Tokyo. It is not just because I can just have a look artworks. that experiences made my life wider, and I can even have deep thoughts.
So, therefore, I guarantee that the government should pay on the arts. Economical and political payments are important but it is not all about our life.