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[Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. To what extent do you agree? ]

Once people are stuck in a prison, nothing would be the same in their life. They deserve to spend the time to think of their guilt.
However, prisoners have to be socialised in the future. Therefore some prisoners attend to a charity work as their duty. I certainly agree that prisoners should attend unpaid works. I believe that makes our society better and even prisoners' life after they left a prison better.

I was told that some prisons are really comfortable to live. Facilities are really good and foods are tasty. Therefore some poor people are trying to get into the prison with small crimes. Apparently, this is much better than their poor life in the society because they do not need to worry about paying rent, buy foods etc. unless they are in the comfortable prison.

However, it is not really fair for people who are living with no crimes. They even have to pay tax which some expenses are for organising prisons. They are literally paying for prisoners. I suppose they have to work for the society because they made a mess on other people's life.
Therefore, I think giving unpaid works for prisoners is quite an accurate punishment rather than they spend their time for nothing.

I also think that for prisoners' future life, unpaid works give them some idea. For example, in Japan, some prisoners usually get some factory works. I heard a story that one prisoner found himself quite talented at the work, and after he left a prison he started the same work as his job. Therefore I thought to do something new is making prisoners socialise and they even have a possibility to find a new perspective. Which makes prisoners associating with the society.

For those points of view, I believe prisoners should work for unpaid community works. Some people believe that being in a jail is the best way to punish prisoners, though, some prisoners escaped from a jail, moreover, some prisoners made another crime when they got free from the prison. I guess being in a jail have a possibility to make prisoners' thought even mad. because they are just in there and have time to think, with no new perspective or opinion from someone. To make them socialised in the future when they went out of prisons, they do need disciplines to make them in the society, and communication with new people who they have never have an experience to communicate with. Attending unpaid works make those experiences.
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