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*It would be great if you have any suggestion to use synonyms and grammatical ways which are better than my way regarding academic writing. So please let me know! Thank you

[For centuries, important parts of education have remained such as reading, writing, and maths. With the advert of computers, some people think that computer skill will be made as a fourth skill to be added to the list. To what extent do you agree?]

Essential educational sections are always committed to our fundamental skill that everyone has to be good at using it, especially at work. Therefore, for instance, reading, writing and maths are obviously significant parts of education. Reading, writing help people's verbal communication skill in any situations and maths help immediate calculating skill which is also mandatory when we work. In that sense, there is no doubt that computer skill will be a 'fourth' skill that we need to learn.

I am assuming that computer skill is getting more popular than around 2 decades ago. Computers have developed very quickly since the late 20th century and eventually, now most of the people stick with those. Even children cannot live without using computers. Therefore, apparently, it is almost like a mandatory stuff when we think of finding jobs or raise our salary etc.. I even experienced when I was finding a job in Japan and the UK. Every company asked me that whether I am good at manipulating computer or not. There was no difference between Japan and the UK. That is why, I thought to be a highly skilled person in the society, we probably have to motivate about learning computer skill. I can even tell that computer skill can be another type of communication skill, regarding the importance of verbal communication skill.
Furthermore, I guarantee that computer skill can give huge developments to any kind of subjects. Previously, I was thinking that computer skill effects to some related workplaces such as IT, bank, financial company etc.. However I noticed that nowadays we cannot resist communication via the internet, and tools and software.
For example, I am working as a free-lance designer and specializing theatre design. I was thinking my work is very physical and I do not even need to learn computer skill. Nevertheless, it is very fundamental skill even in a world of art and design.
I was told that some designers are not really talented at drawing or making, but if they have experienced 3D modelling and technical drawing and they can picture their design as data, it would completely work other than when some artistically talented designer make a design. Therefore, I guess probably other areas of work are also having this kind of developments from computer skill.

To conclude, I assume computer skill is a significant skill to survive in the contemporary society, and I can even say that if people can learn computer skill as much as earlier in their life, it is not going to be worthless at least. Computer skill can connect to anything, even with other three important parts ( of education.) Also, I guess it is not going to be disappeared in our life. Thus it is a great idea to stick with this 'fundamental' thing in our life.