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[Some people fail in school but end up being successful in life. Why do you think that is the case? What is the most important thing to succeed in life?]

A study in school is like a competition. Everyone needs to get a high-score on general subjects such as mathematics, English, and History etc... Everyone is mostly thinking that learning those things is very important and mandatory if a person wants to be a high-skilled person. However, some successful people are not always related to their cleverness when they were in school. Some people have reached their success without any relationship, with education.

I suppose that learning something is very effective to reach success, though, on the other hand, I also believe that to learn something which a person does not want is not really effective. What I want to mean by those my opinion, in the end is, learning things can be useful but also worthless. A result of the study really depends on our passion and interest on subjects. Therefore I strongly believe that some people can find a way to be successful if they can find a thing that they can be passionate about, even if they failed in school.

I know a good example of a successful person who has failed in school. He was my tutor when I was studying in an art college. When he was a teenager, he had started his study about fashion design in London. However, he felt so bored to study there because he already had a thought that he become a designer and he said what he learned in the college was too academic for him. So he became not going to the college and eventually he quit the college when he was a second-grade student. After that, he has found his own way to represent his fashion design by communication with other people who work on fashion design, and he learned how to make a professional clothing from them and made strong connections. Eventually, he started his own brand in Japan, and now he is one of the famous fashion designers in Japan.

From his story, I thought what he did after he quit the college was also his study. It was just not in school. I believe that people can study everywhere. My tutor found a comfy place where he can concentrate on his study rather than in school. Moreover, I also thought that studies in school are always generalising as those can be useful for everyone. Nevertheless, people have a different status on their study.

For example, when I was studying for my master's degree, Everyone has a different development on their skill. I have a good knowledge of theatre design itself but some other students have no idea on it. So some lectures were very boring for me but others were enjoying them.

Thus, I think studying in school is good in a way if you can find yourself enjoying it or it is very practical for you. However, it is not always for everyone. it really depends on what do we want to learn, and what kind of way do we prefer. We can make an effort and we can study everywhere even if we are not in school. I believe that all success really depends on our passion, and accurate opportunities to study what we want.