Taking IELTS again

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May 10, 2018 22:09 english theuk japan japanesearticle japanese English education IELTS
I decided to take IELTS again in September. I had taken IELTS for 10 times before I come to the UK, and I even took once when I was a language school in London.
before I go to the language school, my score reached only band 5.5, which was an essential score to enrol the school.

I spent 2 years to raise my score from 4.0 to 5.5 which was a quite slow pace I guess. But because of my financial situation and also a studying environment in Japan, I couldn't attend courses for IELTS and I couldn't even have any opportunities to talk in English. My problem was always on Speaking exam. I had to reach 5.0 at least before I go to the UK in June 2016 but even in January 2016, my speaking score was around 4.0. So eventually I went to English conversation school for a couple of months and had reached 5.5 in April.

I thought learning English in Japan is very hard. There is no opportunity to use it unless I work in a western company or study in an English major in college.
Although I had spent 2 years to reach band 5.5 in Japan, my English skill has been grown up since I came to the UK. I studied in the language school for 3 months with no Japanese classmates. All classmates were Chinese though, maybe I listened Chinese more than English at that time lol but even though they're not speaking in English, I had to communicate in English with everyone anyway. And for just 3months, I have raised my IELTS score from 5.5 to 6.5.

Then I studied for my master's degree in the UK. my classmates and tutor spoke even faster and more complex, with an individual accent. ( Some classmates are from other countries, and I even had a classmate from Liverpool and my tutor has a cockney accent!! lol) I guess my English skill is even higher than when I started studying for my master's.
Therefore I decided to take IELTS again. I feel very nervous to take it but need to try anyway to qualify my English skill. My ideal score is band 7.5 which is quite high for me but I'll try. Hope everyone helps my IELTS study! lol

5.5に届くまで2年間も費やしましたが、私の英語はイギリスに来てからどんどん成長しました。私は3ヶ月間、日本人クラスメイトのいない語学学校で勉強しました。全てのクラスメイトは中国人でしたが。多分中国語の方が英語より聞いていたとおもいます笑 でも彼らが英語でしゃべらなくても、私はどの道みんなと英語で交流しなければなりませんでした。なので、たった3ヶ月間で、私のIELTSのスコアは5.5から6.5まで上がりました。