Morning Excercise in Summer Vacation

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Aug 3, 2017 08:57
I have decided to wear a pair of knee breaches in my office since yesterday. It was so comfortable to work that I forgot that I wore it and went home with wearing it. It was such a dark night that I did not meet anyone. Even if I had met a person, he could never have seen/noticed it.
When I changed my clothes this morning, I realized that how ugly I was, when my figure reflected on the mirror at the entrance. However I had a confidence that I would not meet coworkers at the parking lot in the workplace since it was so early in the morning, which was just before a half past six.
Then an unexpected thing happened. As soon as I went out my house to the garage, I met over thirty of elementary school children, their mothers, and fathers. They were on the way to the neighbor park to do morning exercise, which is usually done at a half past six during the summer vacation in Japan. I utterly forgot that it is in a summer vacation. They all laughed at me. I kept a deadpan, but my wife and I were really embarrassed. It might be better for me not to wear the knee breaches….
Thank you for reading.