sodaやコーヒーを飲まないでくださいと医者が言いました ソダができます。

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May 1, 2014 07:51
sodaやコーヒーを飲まないでくださいと医者が言いました ソダができます。 だが準備のないでコーヒーを飲まないことができません。 一日いっぱいだけで飲もうとして朝に二杯とたまに午後にもういっぱいを飲んでいるだけで実際に限界を設けたのです。 所が水を飲んでいます(みずだけではいやです) 紅茶を飲んではいけないと医者が言わなかったので最近紅茶とぉノン出増加します。

The doctor said no more sodas and no more coffee. I could do the sodas. But, I can't give up coffee cold turkey. I have limited myself to one cup a day which is usually two cups in the morning and sometimes another in the afternoon. And, I am drinking more water. The doctor said drink water. But, she didn't say that I couldn't drink tea. So I am drinking more tea now. Hmmm... maybe I will try to make a post out of this and try to say it in Japanese.
I don't know what "cold turkey" is in Japanese. That's when you give up something like smoking without any preparations --- you just stop. I don't know why we say "cold turkey."