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Aug 17, 2019 08:58






I've been watching 2 people play DBD, they used to communicate together with voice chat but stopped. Someone said the reason is "I think it was because the official said it was not fair!"

I said "Don't worry about the killer's whereabouts?"

Their reply was "Information such as fixing the generator, running away, being chased, etc. is also NG. I also want to hear about the two people, but I'm patient."

Then my reply.

  I agree with a four-person team, but it's fine with two people. I think it can be done without saying the killers or your own whereabouts. If they refrain from talking about information, they can voice chat.

I think that the images in the lower left, and the red figure of the survivor are the same information as speaking naturally. And the other two people can't hear, so if there is an advantage, it is only half.

The main reason is that 2Bro are not dbd professionals and are just playing for fun.