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會用這個網站 想認識新朋友以及認識外國人學習英語
大家好 我叫小翁
我目前是助理工程師 在做現場CNC 和編寫程式
我在外商公司瑞健集團工作 騎機車上班
我身高175 年紀24
我居住在桃園八德 和我哥 我媽 我爸
我的興趣很多 游泳 騎腳踏車 下棋 看雜書 聽歌

HI My name is Timothy Weng

I'm a engine , I can operate CNC machine ,operate computer sofware
Autocad Soliwork Mastercam and write process modality.
I work at SHL group ,I ride a scooter to work.
I've been a engine for 3 years.
I'm 175CM ,I'm 24 years old .
I live in 八德 with my father ,mother and brother.

There is a 7-11 nearby.
And the grocery store is across from the place where I live.
As you can see ,I'm a Taiwanese.
I'm young,average height and thin with short, straight,
black hair big brown eyes,and light yellow skin.
I'm single .And I'm looking for my soul mate.
I speak Taiwanese,Chinese and a little English.
I from Taiwan.
In my free time,I like to go swimming ,ride a bicycle ,lison to musin,
and to play chinese chess,because fine .
And you know what,I'm going to the movie theater this weekend.
I think I will have a good time with my friend there .
By the way,I'm happy to meet guys here . Thank you about all.

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