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Hello everyone,I'm Takeshi.
Nice to meet you.

I'm a beginner of in English.
But I want to improve my English skill.
Because I want to communicate another country people living all around the world.

Anyway,let me introduce myself..
Please check it out and correct my mistake if you find out.

I'm from Japan,Shizuoka-ken.
Shizuoka-ken is famous for green tea production,and soccer.

So I had been playing soccer from I'm 7 years old to 26 years old.
I experienced a lot of things to play soccer.
For example,corporate with people,sharing the pleasure of win,etc.

I think those experiences is same as working.

In company,we have to corporate with various people,and sharing the pleasure of successes and sometimes disappointments.

So I have been experienced very good things until now.

I wanna share with you all about not only English but cultures,daily life,and another good things.

Thanks for reading my introduction,and I'm looking forward to communicate with you all!!

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I was given paid holiday until end of this month!

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