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3.11 Activity With native lang

8 years have passed since The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 11, 2011. Many people in the areas are still struggling to l...
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Mar 11, 2019 07:29

Apology For Being A Stranger With native lang

I meant to leave Lang-8 only briefly, but time has certainly passed unbelievably faster than I expected. I used to log in here almost eve...
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Jan 26, 2019 05:33
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Testimonials from My Friends

Wow! Ciaran is an amazing person! They are warming, cheerful, thoughtful, and most of all; carefree! They right meaningful posts and learn from mistakes with care. They also promote not themselves, of course, but the people who are trying to learn a language as well. People like Ciaran are the type that should embody the principles of a nation! They really do give me hope for humanity and its future! Anyway, Ciaran really shows dedication and discipline! I wouldn't mind asking them if they would work with me some day!
Atorasu (アトラス)
I'm really glad I met Ciaranさん on lang-8. Her entries are really interesting and fun to read, and her corrections are simply perfect. She provides excellent alternatives to your sentences which make them sound more natural. Also, she's an intelligent and kindhearted person who is really fun to talk to, not to mention Ciaranさん's good sense of humor. She may not be a native speaker of English, but her entries will most certainly make you believe she is.
I'm very happy with Ciaran's corrections. She's not only eager to help but also always has something interesting to say. She's a very eloquent and kind-hearted person.
Ciaranさん's entries are always a good read, and her corrections are very useful. As a student, I'm often very busy so I appreciate it that she still helps me out. Although, lately, I haven't been able to practice, Ciaranさん is always very understanding and willing to assist. I'm really glad we get along.
I'm so happy to be friends with Ciaran sensei. She includes clear and easy to understand explanations with her corrections and often provides a witty comment. Her own English entries are also always very interesting and fun to read. You should definitely read her "Warai" entry.