268. Movie Review -Beautiful Boy-

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May 6, 2019 13:27
Today is the last day of Golden Week! It's a really sunny day.
Yesterday, I went to the hair salon near my apartment. I got my hair color and treatment. The color is slightly different from before, and I was glad to get it:)

Now, I'm relaxing at my favorite cafe while studying English, and then I'm going out for dinner with my friends tonight.

A few days ago, I went to see the movie called "Beautiful Boy", which I had been looking forward to seeing. The story was about a drug addiction. The reason I became interested in the movie is because I like the actor, the same one from "Call Me By Your Name", a movie that I've seen before. (I became interested in the movie because I had watched the movie called "Call Me By Your Name" before and I really liked the main actor, who also plays in "Beautiful Boy.")

He is Timothée Chalamet, and "Beautiful Boy" is his second main movie.

"Beautiful Boy" was good, but honestly, I felt that some of the background music didn't match some scenes. And the protagonist seemed to be brought up in a good family, so for me, it was difficult to understand why he became a drug addict. What was his inner dark problem? Maybe it was due to just his curiosity.
Is there somebody who have watched it? (Has anyone seen it yet? 誰かもう見た?)





drug ドラッグ (綴り!!)
curiosity 好奇心
Golden Week にthe不要
tone 色調、トーン
background music BGM, 挿入歌 (back groundにしない!)

addict👤 中毒者、依存者、常用者
addiction 中毒、病みつきなこと(to~)

bring A up(bring up A) (Aを〜として)育てる
(the place where one was born and brought up
生れ育った所 )