English Class is Always Interesting!

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Jun 23, 2018 21:38
Today, I went to English school near my apartment. Actually, I've been learnrng there for three months. When I went out, I was surprised because it was rain hearily. I wondered that why I don't have a headache today. Usually, it let me know raining, but I was glad that I had no pain. Anyway, I was heading toward there. It takes about five minutes by bicycle.
Our teacher is clever, so I always enjoy her class. Of course she can speak English, but what's more, she can use Japanese, and some language more! So she teachs us the difference of subtle nuance between English and Japanese. Today, we talked about many topics, Earthquakes, Volcanos, Transgender, and Changing of the adult age in Japan in 2020, etc.
It was good that I was able to follow to the conversations. However, I'd like to chime more smoothly in my remark.(もっとスムーズに相槌をうちたい)
Honestly, sometimes I can not say anything, but the conversations are buzzing along. (何も言えないまま、会話はどんどん進んでいく)

Lang-8 friends always help me. Thank you!
Hmm I want to speak fluently!