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Oct 14, 2018 04:36
When we're studying something, it's difficult to measure our growth. So occasionally, it's difficult to believe that the practice we're doing is effective. This suspicion affects our motivation, so believing in one's way is very important. However, If I do say so myself, lately, I felt my growth. I'll share that with you!XD

A few years ago, when I was studying English using a textbook for the writing section of the TOEIC (called part 5), I always chose the wrong answers.
I was thinking that most questions were very difficult!
However, I tried the same textbook again recently, I noticed that I could answer a lot of questions. I couldn't believe it! It was a really surprising advancement for me. I know why, it's because posting on Lang-8 was added to my routine.:) Now that I'm sure that this custom is very effective, not only in terms of writing, but also in learning grammar or making sentences rapidly in my brain in real conversations.

I really appreciate for your help, so thank you very much.


I'll write about the details of my routine in the next post, because it's too long:)
でも、最近また同じテキストをやってみたところ、たくさんの問題を解けることに気付きました。私は信じられませんでした!これは私にとって、本当に驚くべき進歩でした。私は理由を知っています、それはLang-8へ投稿することが習慣化されたからです。:) この習慣は、英作文の練習というだけでなく、文法の勉強や、実際の会話中に脳内で素早く文章を組み立てると練習においても、とても効果的だと思います。