How Best to Rise and Shine?

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Jan 15, 2019 16:50
I woke up at 7 this morning. Earlier than usual. However, I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. It's a problem for me. I'm looking for the solution to get out of my bed early. I finally stirred myself at 8.(I didn't get up until 8 in the end.) Then I prepared for work and headed to the station. On arriving there, it was a little too early, so I bought a cup of hot coffee at McDonald's next to the station. While drinking it, I went over some of my previous posts checking the corrections. I especially like to edit my incorrect posts. About 15 minutes later, I left there and caught the train. On arriving at my office, I was surprised to find that a lot of parcels had been delivered to me. I checked them one by one all morning.( I spent all of the morning sorting through them.)
Upon finishing them(/When I finished them), I felt refreshed. This morning, I took my small lunch box to work, so I ate my lunch and yakisoba-pan during lunch break. Unusually, I was really in the mood for yakisoba. So far, I've only used 200 yen today.:) Taking a lunch box to work is a good way to save money. What kind of food do you usually eat during your lunch break?
会社に着いて驚きました、なぜならたくさんの私宛の荷物が届いていたからです。午前中はそれらを一つずつ片付けました。全部終わった時、すっきりしました!今朝、家から小さなお弁当を持ってきましたので、お昼休みに、それと焼きそばパンを食べました。珍しくすごく焼きそばが食べたい気分だった。 今のところ、今日まだ200円しか使っていません。:)お弁当を持ってくると、良い節約になりますね。みなさんは普段お昼にどんなものを食べますか?

get out of bed ベットから出る(bedにthe不要)
go over 復習する、(手を加えて)書き直す
While 〜ing 〜しながら
slice of 〜 〜の一部、一切れ
one by one ひとつづつ
stir かきたてる(stirred myself)
⚠️結局 の使い分け
after all(予想外) "テスト勉強をしていなかったから合格できるわけないと皆に言われたが、結局合格した"
in the end(変化・不明瞭or全てを考慮した結果)"早起きするつもりが、結局できなかった"