271. The First Feeling

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May 18, 2019 12:15
It's Saturday! I'm reviewing my notebook at my favourite cafe, then having the English class, and heading to my parents's house.

My mother called me this morning. She had water on her knee, and she went to the hospital this morning. I hope I can make her more comfortable during this weekend. The big reason I'm heading there is to meet Mi-chan of course, and to tell about my new boyfriend to them♡ Ah, Mi-chan is my parents' cat.haha

I and he were like good friends for about six months, but our relationship has changed.
Honestly, it's my first time to feel such comfortable and relief a lot when I'm with a man. So now, I feel I'm now having the nicest relationship in my life. I'm happy to meet him because he makes me feel nicest everyday. Even if we will break up someday, I would appreciate him for sure. Of course, however, it will be nice if we can continue this relationship, so I'll cherish him♡ Thank you for reading my quite personal story.




have water on one's knee 膝に水が溜まる