Practice of Some Similar Expressions

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Oct 24, 2018 18:35
I got some hot English grammar tips from some of my friends here. I want to check with you if I understand how to use them correctly. Some of them were a little difficult for me, so I'll be happy if you could tell me if my interpretation is strange. Of course, I'll be glad if you just correct my English sentences.:)

・I had my hair cut (by) 〇〇 cm yesterday. (It implies "at a hair salon")
私は昨日〇〇cm髪を切った。(美容院で という意味)

・I cut my hair by 〇〇 cm yesterday. (It implies "by myself")
私は昨日〇〇cm髪を切った。(自分で という意味)


"From now on" is used when we want to say that we want to keep doing something from now, and keep it in the future as well. (Is it like a determination?)
e.g, "From now on, I won't waste money."

"now" is used when we want to say that we'll start doing it right now, or we're already doing it.
e.g, "I'll go your house now./I'm heading your house now.
今から君の家に行く。/ 今君の家に向かってます。
"I'll study from a new textbook now."(I'll start studying from a new textbook from now on.)

To tell you the truth, I still don't understand clearly how to use "from now". The difference of usage between "from now on" and "from now" and "now" is difficult to understand. Nowadays, the Internet is overflowing with websites about English grammar. We need to select information carefully, but sometimes it's difficult if we don't have enough knowledge about it. I'll look them up in my dictionary at first. I might be overthinking about it.
Thank you for reading.

"from now on" は、今から未来にわたって続けてしたいことについて言いたいときに使う。(決意みたいな感じ?)


実は、まだ"from now" についてはちゃんと理解できていません。"from now on" と"form now" と "now"の使い方の違いを理解するのが難しい。。最近、英語に関するウェブサイドが溢れてかえっている。情報を慎重に選ぶ必要があるけど、それについての知識が十分に無い場合は、(選ぶのが)難しい時もある。まずは辞書で調べる。難しく考えすぎてるのかもしれない。