262. Diary of March 31

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Apr 2, 2019 20:12
This is a draft that I wrote on March 31. I have not posted it yet so now I will.

As I wrote in my previous entry, I'm finally going to start my new job. I'm having an orientation tomorrow from 10 am to 6 pm. I don't know my schedule for after Tuesday yet, but I'll be taught a lot of things by my seniors. Ah my new life begins.
The commuting time is about 1 hour, so I'm going to listen to English. I really hope I will have enough free time to improve my English skills...
The most terrible thing would be to lose my enthusiasm due to fatigue.
I'll do my best to post an entry here as frequently as possible.

dairy 🐄乳製品🐮
diary 日記
interpretation 解釈

I'm finally going to 〜 ついに〜する(I'm going to finally 〜) ⚠️finallyは文末につけない!!
comma splicing コンマの誤用
commuting time 通勤時間
indefinite 不定の、決まっていない、はっきりしない
lose 失う、なくす (lose-lost-lost)
discourage 〜を妨害する
I rise to overcome 〜 〜を克服する気が高まる(やる気が出てくるイメージ?)