1000 Hour Listening Marathon🏃

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Jan 17, 2019 22:09
Today, I reviewed some of my previous posts. I restarted making effort to learn English around the end of June, 2018. Lately, I feel like this habit has blended into my everyday life. It's all thanks to your support!
By the way, I'm considering subscribing to "1000 Hours of Listening Marathon by アルク". Apparently, it's one of famous teaching materials for the English learner living in Japan. Is there anyone here who has subscribed to it before? Apparently, its demographic are those who have a TOEIC score over 550. According to the internet, however, it especially appropriate for those who have a TOEIC score over 750 to around 900 or are in the same level, who nevertheless sometimes can't accurately listen to daily conversations. My last score in October was 700, so I'm wondering if I'll be able to maintain it. After I get a new job, I might try it.
These days, the internet is overflowing with information about learning English. It is sometimes difficult to select what information is correct. Even if most of the content is correct, it might still include some incorrect information. I think it's dangerous, but of course it's very useful, though.
I want to learn languages with as high quality as possible at a low price. Everyone think so. The listening marathon is not inexpensive, but I think it is reliable, and I suspect it would be a shortcut in the end.

▼habit (主に個人による)習慣、癖
▲custom (国や文化による)習慣、風習
blend into 溶け込む
everyday life 日々の生活
It's all thanks to you! これも全てあなたのおかげです!(allを忘れない)
subscribe to (toを忘れない)
▼anyone 誰か、誰でも
▲someone 誰か、ある人(特定の誰か一人)
demographic 年齢や人種や職業など、様々な特徴によって分けられたグループ、特定の人工集団
⚠️先行詞のthe people who...➡︎ those who... に言い換えれる
maintain 続ける、保つ、維持する/問題に対処する
I might try it. やってみるかも
internet is overflowing with information(⚠️internetとinformationを逆に置かない)
some information
learn languages with as high quality as possible(withを忘れない)
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