I'm A Ghost Member👻

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Jan 30, 2019 16:31
I went to the gym near my apartment this morning. It was the first time in a few months. I'm a ghost member (= someone who hardly participate in activities).Haha! Lately, I've been thinking that my body seems to be getting saggy, so I'll have to take action as soon as possible. My height is 170 cm, so it's very important to keep my best weight. If I get fat, I'll be too big of a woman.lol I'll go to the supermarket later today, to buy some healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, fishes, and a natto.:)
By the way, does the expression "ghost member" sound natural? In Japan, "Yuurei buin(幽霊部員) is a natural word.
今朝近所のジムに行きました。数ヶ月ぶりでした。私は幽霊部員です。笑 最近体がたるんできたような気がするから、早くなんとかしないと、と思っています。私は身長が170cmあるからベスト体重を維持するのはすごく大切なことです。もし太っちゃうと、デカくなりすぎるから。。 あとで、スーパーに健康的な食材を買いに行きます。野菜とか魚とか、納豆のパックとか。:)
ところで"ghost member"という表現は自然ですか?日本では、"幽霊部員"は自然な言葉です。

It's the first time in a few months 数ヶ月ぶり
seem to be getting saggy 体がたるんできたみたい
saggy (体気持ち物が)弛んだ、落ち込んだ、無様な
flabby (くだけて否定的に)(人が太って)しまりのない

take action 行動する(actionに冠詞いらん)
sooner rather than later 早めに
Alternative: I'm a phantom. 👻