Business Trip to Tokyo

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Jun 28, 2018 10:53
I'm heading to Tokyo now for a business trip. This is the first time in a year riding a Shinkansen, so I'm a little excited.
Today, I woke up before 6 am, after then, I went to a coffee shop near my apartment at 7:30. It's comfortable to study in the early morning at an empty store, so it's my favorite. Moreover, it's very cool there! Lately, it's been too hot in Osaka.

After that, I headed for Shin-Osaka to catch a Shikansen. Now, it's just passed Nagoya.
Recently, a terrible murder occurred place on the Shinkansen in Japan. A man wanted to help a lady. At the end, she survived, but he was killed. I was sad when I heard that, it was so scary. I hope that such an incident will never happen again.