274. G20 Osaka Summit

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Jul 6, 2019 12:35
Hi! How have you been? I'm fine.

As you know, G20 summit was held at the end of June in Osaka. I had expected it to be busy at commuter time, so I had left my apartment earlier than usual. However, it was very quiet on the train! I was kind of deflated.
Since many leading figures were close to my area, I was feeling somehow strange.

I had read about this G20 on the magazine called English Journal beforehand, and it said that presidents would discuss(talk) about some topics, such as environment of the earth, artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital taxation. All topics were interesting, however, I haven't traced the content of the conference yet!

Anyway, I was relieved that it was over without any accidents. :)


今回のG20では、地球環境やAI、ロボット工学、デジタル課税などについて話し合われるとEnglish Journalという雑誌で読みました。全て興味深い話題ですがまだ会議の内容がどんなものだったのか調べていません。


trace 辿る、追跡する、追う
deflate 【他】意気消沈させる、しぼませる
leading(key) figure 主要人物

summit 首脳会談
at the end of June (atをonにしない⚠️)
artificial intelligence (intelligentにしない!)人工知能
∟intelligence (n)

expect A to do Aが〜すると予想する
∟I had expected stations to be busy at the time.