226. The First Kimono Class👘

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Jan 26, 2019 18:58
As I wrote in my recent post, I went to the kimono class this morning. It was held in the room of the building in my city. At first I should say, we didn't learn how to wear kimonos today, it will start from the next time. In this time, the teacher explained the schedule of the course, and many small articles that we will use when we wear a kimono. I didn't know their names almost everything, and it was very interesting.
Fortunately, during the New Year holidays, my mother gave me some kimonos and many small ariticles for it. The two of the kimonos were made by my grandmother.
The students of our class is six, and the teacher has very soft voice, so she looked kind. According to her, however, she is the most strict teacher in the school!lol We will finish the course of study in May.:)
私たちのクラスの生徒は6人で、先生はとても優しい声だから、優しそうに見えました。でも彼女によると、学校内で1番厳しい先生らしいです。笑 5月に修了予定です。:)