Could I ask you something?

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Oct 15, 2018 02:16
I wiped most of the floor in my apartment today. So now, I feel refreshed!:D
As I mentioned in my previous post, today I did my new routine - dictation practice from English drama. Then I ran into some walls and I need someone's help. Of course I tried to look for answers in my dictionary and on the internet, however, I was not able to find them.
I wonder if you could help me with the following questions.

1. 【Just when exactly do you think you're gonna be getting out of this hostage situation?】
*you're gonna = you are going to

Firstly, I tried to translate it into Japanese. "あなたは、一体いつになったらこのひどい状況から抜け出すつもり?". Does it make sense?

Secondly, I've encountered this usage of the word "Just" for the first time. I think that it means like "まぁとにかく/いいから" in this sentence. Do you agree? Also, I was not able to understand the reason that the word "be" is necessary.
Is it because that the word "getting" is used as the present progressive form? I also don't know why it's in the form "〜ing".
I can understand if the sentence is "you're going to get out of... ", but I can't understand "you're going to BE gettING out of...".(´つω・`)
I might be thinking about this question too complicatedly.

2.【 I always like a big math solution to any love problem.】
I couldn't make sense of "big math solution", so I wasn't able to get this nuance of this sentence.
"Math" is mathematic, so I think it's used figuratively. I'd like to know the another way of speaking of this sentence, so please tell me if you came up with an idea.:)
Thank you for reading my long post.

まず、日本語に訳してみました。"あなたは、一体いつになったらこのひどい状況から抜け出すつもり?". 合っていますか?

次に、この"Just"の使い方は初めて見ました。私が思うに、ここでは、"まぁ、とにかく/いいから" といったような意味だと思います。どうですか? また、何故"be"が必要なのかが分かりませんでした。

"you're going to get out of" はわかりますが、"you're going to BE getting out of..." は分からないんです。(´つω・`)難しく考えすぎているのかもしれません。

"big math solution"の意味がわからず、この文のニュアンスを掴めませんでした。"Math"は数学のことだから、比喩的な表現なのかな。この文章の他の言い方が知りたいので、もし何か案が思いついたら教えてください。