Night Roadworks

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Feb 3, 2019 23:56
When I got out of the bath at 10 pm, I was surprised at a loud mechanical noise outside.
The sound was from the road construction, and it has been loud. I'm wondering if(/whether) I'll be able to sleep well tonight. What's more, the workers have been laughing loudly..😞 I hope it will be done soon.


overheat 過熱する、オーバーヒートする
intention 意志、意向

I was surprised at 〜に驚いた(何によって驚いたかを強調)
I was surprised by 〜に驚いた(驚いたという事実を強調)

constructor (固)建設業者 (補修作業員などはworker)

I'm wondering it〜
I'm wondering whether〜

construction 建設
repairs 修理作業
roadworks 道路工事

startled by 〜にはっと驚く
a loud mechanical noise (aいる!)
heartily 快活に、元気よく