Public Pool has the Price of Conscientiousness

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Jun 20, 2018 18:03
Recently, I went to the public pool in the city. I have been going to the gym for a while but I keep quitting. Because all the gyms have only monthly plans, no a daily plans. The price was about 8000〜10,000 yen. So we have to pay the entire fee every month. If I can go there only a few times, it's so expensive depending on how many times I can go there. Every time I have started to go the gym, I had motivation. But it gradually decreased. So I decided that I'll never go to the gym when I quit last time.

But I want to sweat because I never do in my daily life. It's for my health and for stress relief.
Finally, I found a very nice facility! It's public pool in my city, it has many training machines and a big pool. And what's more, you can use it for only 600 yen per visit!
I have no pressure that I have to go there many times.

I'm glad if it can be my new routine!
At first, I want to go there at least twice a month.
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