How was your "Coming of Age"?

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Jan 14, 2019 22:25
Today is a national holiday called "Seijin no hi", which is for the people who are twenty years old. Many of them participate in a (celebratory) ceremony, and then enjoy talking and drinking with their classmates. I'll try to recall those days when I was twenty years old.
When I was twenty years old, I was already working and living with my ex-boyfriend. To be honest, at that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. Then various things happened and nine years passed... Hmm, it's a little nostalgic! I'm going to stop this because it will be too long!lol

Anyway, today I reviewed my five notebooks and three diaries that I'd written at my former company. I
did that because I'll be going back into my field, the apparel industry, in near the future, but I thought that I'd already forgotten many important things I'd learned there. As I anticipated, my notebooks and diaries had a lot of necessary information that I had forgotten; e.g, about the characteristics of various fabrics, overseas factories, and costs, etc. I'll review all of them as soon as possible, and I want to learn a lot of new knowledge and grow in a new company. Also I'll use it in my apparel shop!
I hope that my new job and learning English will be compatible. It depends on me; I'll do my best!:)


compatible (adj)両立できて、矛盾なく、一致して、互換性のある
celebratory 祝いの、祝賀の
・ceremony : more formal affair
・celebration: more like a party

connotation 言外の意味、含蓄、内包
in some ways いくつかの点で
I did that because〜 私がそうした理由は〜
⚠️grow:成長する/grow up:大人になる、成熟する

I'll be going back into my field
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