Enjoy the Night!

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Oct 16, 2018 18:41
Today, I'm going to have a drink in Umeda, Osaka with my high school friend after work. Sigh, how many times can we meet like this? She is going to move to Tokyo at the end of next month. I already miss her. However, I never say that to her. I always encourage her because I really hope that she'll be happy with her boyfriend in Tokyo!
Anyway, I'll enjoy tonight. Oh, I gotta go!
今日仕事の後、高校の時からの友達と梅田に飲みに行きます。はぁ、私達あと何回こんな風に会えるかな?彼女は来月末に東京に引っ越します。もう既に淋しい!でも彼女に言ったことはない。東京で彼氏と幸せになって欲しいから、いつも励ましてる。とにかく今日を楽しむ! あー行かないと!
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