Her Voice Motivated Me

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Jan 31, 2019 22:46
It was rainy today.
I walked 30 minutes to the next to the next station this morning, so I felt refreshed.

It's difficult to find something to write here every day, because my life is nothing special these days.lol

Ah, today I listened to the English NHK radio news, and was impressed the caster's voice and pronunciation. Her voice is very clear, easy to understand - sometimes too fast, though -, and beautiful. Her name is Eriko Kojima. I seriously want to speak like her someday. I tried to write down the news report, but the script was nowhere to be found. Her voice motivated me but it's too bad..




That's a pitty それは残念です
pity 残念な事、惜しいこと/哀れみ、同情
take a person's dictation
write at/to a person's dictation

write down 書きとめる、記録する
transcribe (録音・発言等)を文字に起こす/書き移す