269. About My New Work

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May 8, 2019 18:28
I'm on the train, going back to my apartment:)
Today, I got my first assignment in my new job. It's planning a bottom to suit(complement) our knit(knitted) products for September's sale. I'm nervous, but anyway, I'll do my best.

To be honest, I'm not good at talking with new co-workers, so I'm struggling a little. It had been a month since I started working in the company. Almost everyone is around 40, and very talkative. Whereas, I'm not particulary talkative, which is why I'm struggling a tad.
I hope I will get used to them and be able to have fun talking as soon as possible. (I hope to become comfortable enough to have fun talking with...)
Sometimes I feel lonely while sitting at my desk. Anyway! I'll go there tomorrow and do my best as usual!


assignment 担当、任務(※chargeじゃない)
a little は動詞の後に置く!!(前につけがち)
a tad 少し、少量
It had been a month since I started working in the company. この仕事を始めて1ヶ月が経った
(It had been 〜 since SV) SVしてから〜経った
Whereas, (その)一方で、だけれども、
not particulary 形容詞 特に〜という訳ではない

, which is why 〜
; that's why〜

have fun talking 楽しく話す
be comfortable enough to do 〜して十分に心地が良い

feel lonely 孤独を感じる(lonelinessにしない!!)

A lot of the time, 大抵の場合は、
one another お互い(に、を)
∟cooperate with one another 協力し合う