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Oct 18, 2018 00:37
Today, I went to my cooking school. Six month ago, I registered for the course where I could choose the class freely. Today was the third lesson.

When I arrived at the school, the teacher said, "The other two students cancelled this class, so today, it's only you!". So I was able to take a private lesson.:) Today's recipes were chestnut rice, soy milk miso soup, tofu hamburger with mushrooms, and Grilled cinnamon apple. I was especially interested in the tofu hamburger and soy milk miso soup recipes. According to the recipe, a few of slices of Japanese basil are put into the hamburger. When we finished the class, I ate them, and I thought that it was a nice idea, shiso enhanced its taste and smell. I want to cook them again in my kitchen in order not to forget how to cook them. However, it's not reasonable to prepare all those ingredients only for myself, because I can't buy them individually. So I might have to make some arrangements!

教室に着いた時、先生が "他の2人がキャンセルしたから今日はあなただけだよ!"と言いました。だから私はマンツーマンでレッスンを受けることができました。:) 今日のレシピは、栗ごはんと豆乳味噌汁、豆腐ハンバーグのキノコ添えと、シナモンリンゴのグリル焼きでした。特に私は豆腐ハンバーグと栗ごはんのレシピに興味がありました。レシピによると、切ったシソを少しだけハンバーグに入れるとのことでした。レッスンが終わって食べた時、それはいいアイデアだと思いました、シソが良い味と香りを添えていました。忘れないように家でまた作りたいです。でも(食材を)バラでは買えないから、自分のためだけに全部の食材を揃えるのは不経済。。だからちょっとアレンジするかもです!
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