278. The UK Life Has Just Started

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Oct 4, 2019 19:27
I'm going back to Osaka in December. I'm already very looking forward to it. It passed a week since I moved to Wales. Sometimes I feel happy, but now I'm feeling lonely. I'm struggling to get used to here.
I think Wales is nice place. There are many sheep, castles, and green. It's very different from Osaka, which is the place I was living for thirty years.
I always wanted to live abroad, and now the dream has just come true, but I'm not very happy. I think that's because I can't meet my family whenever I want. It makes me feel like I threw them away in Japan. I want to go back to Japan in next few years.
I thought I will be very happy in Wales, but I often feel lonely so far.
When people get something they wanted, then it may become just normal. Anyway, I will try to get used to this new life. I want to enjoy it as much as possible. I have to improve my English skills but I always listening English too much, so these days, I tend to escape from English.