The First English Lesson!

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Jan 12, 2019 20:09
I'm going to take the TOEIC tomorrow. The venue is located at a spot a little inconvenient for me. I'll wake up at 8 am, and go there as early as possible. The TOEIC is just a test, but it needs many English skills in many aspects: e.g, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary range, and an ability to get some information from multiple articles. Sometimes, I find some trick questions. Although I don't like these questions, I'll just do my best at any rate! I sometimes feel sleepy during the test, so I hope I won't do that.
Today, I took my English class! It was the first lesson since the end of last year. Everyone looked fine. In the lesson, we talked about our New Year's resolutions for this year. I had a nice time.:)


spot 地点、場所
area (研究や活動の)範囲、分野、領域
e.g, (e.x.じゃない!)
⚠️tricky question と trick questionの区別

synthesize 〜を総合的に扱う
at any rate 何があっても、とにかく、少なくとも
shorthand 簡略表記法、速記
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