264. Spring Has Come

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Apr 12, 2019 15:59
Long time no see! How have you been?
I hope all my friends have a nice day.

Today is my day off because it's my company's foundation anniversary. The second week of my new job is over! Now, I think that I'm starting to like my job day by day :) The commuting time was the biggest issue, but fortunately, a new station near my apartment was opened last month, so I can commute smoothly.
Since Monday, I was making my first proposal about next product, and I was a little worried whether it would be a nice one or not. Then I explained it to my manager and senior co-worker yesterday. The manager complimented me, and I felt relieved.

Spring has come, and my lifestyle has completely changed. I'm going to a live jazz performance tomorrow night. My dad is playing the guitar in one of the bands! So I'm looking forward to it♪

今日は会社の創立記念日なので、仕事はお休みです。新しい仕事の2週目が終わりました。日に日に仕事が好きになってきています。 通勤時間が大きな懸念点だったのですが、幸いなことに、先月家の近くに新しい駅ができたので、スムーズに通勤できています。


foundation anniversary 創立記念日
explain it それについて説明する(about不要!!) spring has come (The つけない!)
a live jazz performance ジャズのライブ
tomorrow night (at不要!!)