After Work Tomorrow

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Jan 21, 2019 23:12
After work tomorrow, my mother is coming to my city. We will meet at the station, and will go directly to the spa, so a few hours ago I prepared towels and will bring them to work tomorrow morning.:) After we're done at the spa, we'll go to somewhere to eat. I'm looking foward to it. I want her to bring Mi-chan to my apartment - as you know, Mi-chan is my parents' cat, but I know it's not a good idea. It would stress Mi-chan out and that's prohibited in my apartment. It's one of the rules I have to follow...

However, I'm thinking of getting a small animal, maybe a rabbit or a hamster. I also really like them. Although, it's the best that I move to another apartment where I can have pets, it's not realistic right now.
明日仕事の後、母がきます。駅で待ち合わせて、そのまま直接家の近所のスパに行く予定なので、数時間前にタオルを用意しました。明日の朝仕事に持って行くつもりです。:) スパを楽しんだ後、どこかレストランに行きます。楽しみです。みぃちゃん(両親の猫)を連れてきてほしいけど、それは良くないことだってわかってます。みぃちゃんにストレスを与えるし、それは私のマンションでは禁止されていることからです。守らないといけないルールの一つです。。


▼be going to (時期はいつでもokやけど決まってる)
▲be 〜ing (近未来、もうすぐそうなる、明日とか今週とか、もう気持ちが向かってるイメージ)

it's not a good idea. (notの位置はbe動詞の後ろ。)
After we're done at the spa
stress A out Aにストレスを与える
think of 〜ing 〜することを考える
want A to do Aに〜してほしい
an other にしない😔another!!!
・go to a restaurant for some food
・go to somewhere to eat