Cafe In The Morning

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Jan 22, 2019 14:42
These days, I'm trying to be an early bird,
although it has been only two days so
Today I went to my favorite cafe at 8 am, and had breakfast. After that(which), I indulged in some reading there.
There were not many people, and most of them were alone, so it was very quiet and comfortable.:) Then, on the way to work, I came upon another cafe in the station. Apparently, that one opens at 6:30 am everyday! I'll try it before long. I might be a cafe Where's your favorite place?

今日は、8時にお気に入りのカフェへ行って朝ごはんを食べました。そのあと読書を楽しみました。そんなに人がいなかったし、ほとんど皆一人で来ていたので、とても静かで快適でした。:) そのあと、仕事へ行く途中、駅の中に別のカフェを見つけました。そこは毎日6:30に開くそうです。 近いうちに行ってみよう。カフェ中毒かもしれません(笑)

indulge in (趣味・欲望など)〜にふける、楽しむ、(悪事に)興じる (≒enjoy)
⚠️indulged in some reading 読書を楽しんだ(someかa littleつける!)
⚠️it has(=it's) been only two days so far まだ2日経っただけ
before long 近いうちに
literally 文字通り、逐語的に/まさしく、正確に
Then, (コンマつける)
⚠️Today (コンマいらん)
⚠️come upon (偶然に)見つける、出くわす