263. My New Job Started!

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Apr 6, 2019 21:28
The first week of my new job is over!
I had been nervous beforehand. But now, I'm relieved since the job seems to really suit me :)
I took an orientation on April 1. The next day, my maneger told me about the outline of my division and my duties. My co-workers are kind and cheerful. All of them look willing to be working there.(All of them seem content to be working there.)
Honestly, I preferred to have lunch alone because it's the most comfortable for me.
However, two seniors always invite me for lunch, and they are kind and easy to chat with(/talk to), so I started to like having lunch with them :) Both are about 10 years older than me, and have a lot more experience. I hope I can learn a lot of things from them.

Thd New Job Started じゃなくてMy New Job Started か、Started My New Job

A is over! Aが終わった!
I've been nervous beforehand (〜の)前は不安だった
(I was nervous before I started working)
outlined 〜 〜の概要

willing to do (content to do) 喜んで〜する、〜する意思がある
willing to be working喜んで働いている(content to be working)
content 内容/満足感、充足感/〜を満足させる/(with)満足している
content to be 〜 〜して満足する、〜に甘んじている
※ contend 強く主張する、論争する、〜に対処する(with)

I'm relieved since the job seems to really suit me.
⚠️seems でsつけてるので、suits にしない。

💙"seem" VS "seem to"
He seems nice. 彼はいい人そうだ。(主観的)
He seems to be nice. 彼はいい人そうだ。(いい人であると見られていると思われる。(客観的)

⚠️seems の直後に名詞は置けない。形容詞を挟んでも違和感があると思われる。(✖︎He seems a nice doctor/ a doctor) ➡︎to be を忘れずにつける。(He seems to be a nice doctor)

to beの代わりにlikeも使える
He seems to be a teacher / He seems like a teacher