A Keepsake of My Grandma

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Oct 30, 2018 15:45
I'm going to a watch repair shop near my house tomorrow. It's because my precious watch lost a stone. A few years ago, It was given to me by my mother as a keepsake of my grandma who had already passed away before I was born. She was my father's mother. I never met her of course.
In 1973, my grandma was given the watch as an award by the company that she'd worked for.
I can see the words, "賞 1973 〇〇会社" engraved on the back of the watch. Whenever I look at it, I always feel happy because I can feel like that she is close to my heart. I can also feel her daily life and her effort at work.
My parents said that she was good at making Japanese confectionery. I really wanted to learn how to make them from her! Apparently, she was also very kind, and short. I'm sure that she was a very cute grandma. I have only two photos of her. I really miss her now.
1973年、おばあちゃんは、ずっと勤めていた会社からの賞としてその時計をもらいました。文字盤の裏面には、"賞 1973 〇〇会社"という刻印があります。私はそれを見るといつも彼女の存在を心の中に感じることができるから、嬉しいです。彼女の日々の生活や、仕事場での努力も感じることができます。