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Jan 28, 2019 19:20
I'm a little tired from work today. There were a lot of things we had to do, so I worked very After arriving home, I'm preparing for two job interviews the day after tomorrow. I'll make two copies of resume and a syokumukeirekisyo. I didn't know the exact word syokumukeirekisyo in English.
I'm wondering the meaning of resume includes rirekisyo and syokumukeirekisyo. If you know, could you tell me that?
Anyway, otsukare-sama everyone.:)


be tired from work 仕事で疲れた
two copies of resume 履歴書2部
⚠️the day after tomorrow (on不要!)

curriculum vitae(CV) 経歴書(教授などに渡す)
resume 履歴書と職務経歴の詳細が合体したもの(仕事用)