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Jan 24, 2019 16:33
I have many plans for this weekend. They piled before I knew it, so I feel a little pressure.
One plan is going to an information session at a kimono school. I applied for a kimono-wearing course six months ago, and since then I'd been looking forward to starting it! Finally, it's starting this Saturday. It's a 10-lesson course with one lesson every week. In the class, I will learn how to wear kimonos properly. It will be the first time wearing a kimono since my ceremony of 20 years old. I'd be glad if I ever get the opportunity to go out wearing a kimono.


pile up (物や荷物や仕事など)積み重なる、たまる
before I knew it 知らない間に、気づかないうちに
feel pressure プレッシャーを感じる
information session 説明会
🍎since then それ以来
10-lesson course with one lesson every week(週1回、10回レッスンのコース)
be inundated with 〜が押し寄せる、殺到する
(I'll be undated with things to do this weekend.)