265. It's Friday♪

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Apr 19, 2019 20:57
It's Friday♪ How are you doing?
When I finished work, I thought about going to the movies to watch called "Beautiful Boy", which I'd been looking forward to seeing, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's being shown tonight in Umeda. Then I headed for my favorite cafe instead. In the cafe, I reviewed what I learned at work today, and read a book:)

I learned a lot of things from my manager today. That was about the way of analyzing sales and inventory data. I hope I will not forget it during this weekend.lol
I'm taking my English lesson tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it:)


going to the movies 映画館に行く
,which (コンマ!)

・headed to 向かう(到達する)
・headed for 向かう(到達するかはっきりしない)

・learn from〜 〜から学ぶ(someone, experience等)
・learn by 〜によって学ぶ(asking, doing 等)

forget の目的語忘れない。
circumvent 回避する
He think he is talented.
→He seems to think he is talented.
He is in charge.
→ He seems to be in charge.

It doesn't look like it's being shown.