266. Today Is Like Summer

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May 5, 2019 16:28
Hi. How's your Golden week going? There is only one more day left of it! It's like summer here today.
During this long holidays, I went to many places, such as Kobe, an aquarium, a lot of Izakara, etc. with my foreign friends. Since I did a lot of bouldering, my arms are aching. I did too hard.lol I was glad I had such a nice time that it seemed like I was abroad. I found many weaknesses with my English, so I think it was good for me.
I hope all of my friends also had a nice time.:)


How's your Golden Week going? (the じゃなくてyour!!)
There is only one more day left (of it) 残すところあと1日です。(GWで)

順番 : いつ、したこと、場所、誰と

did a lot of bouldering ボルダリングをたくさんした
a nice time (a忘れない!)
I'm abroad (abroadに前置詞不要。inつけない!)
weaknesses with(/in) English 私の英語における弱点
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