276. Relaxing Sunday

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Sep 15, 2019 13:00
Hello! Long time no see. How have you been? Hope all of my friends here are having a nice Sunday. :)

These days, I'm preparing to move to UK because I'm going to live with my boyfriend who lives in UK. I've not been posting here recently, so maybe some of my friends will be surprised to read this post!

Now I'm in my favourite cafe to study English, which is very cozy as always. I will miss this cafe because I've always used it to study, read, and just to have some relaxing time for over three years, like as my second house. My boyfriend and I will come back here in December since we will meet my parents in Japan, though. I will keep my membership card of this cafe!

Today, I'm going to meet my longtime friend in Umeda. I'm very excited to talk with her as this is our first meeting in about ten months!

Thank you for reading. I will try to post here frequently like before.





the first time to meet→the first meeting
relaxing time
like before 以前のように

I've used it
I would use it