A Dolce&Gabbana Scandal

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Nov 21, 2018 23:31
The Dolce&Gabbana "Great Show" in Shanghai was scheduled on the 21st of November(today). Now it is canceled.

What has happened?

Just a fews days ago, the fashion brand D&G posted a promotion video on its social media accounts, apparantly showing an Asian woman trying to eat pizza with chopsticks. But what angered the Chinese people was the racial-insensitive caption (use this stick shaped cutlery to eat your GREAT traditional Pizza Margherita) and the depicted model's clumsiness in trying to use the chopsticks.

Then the brand's designer was shown talking to a Chinese on Instagram, who complained about this video. The designer replied aggressively, saying "in all the interviews that I will do international I will say the country of sh*t is China","China ignorant dirty-smelling mafia".

This totally angered all of China. Countless A-list celebrities and models said on social media that they would withdraw from the show. And the hashtag #boycottD&G became no.1 on China's twitter-like platform, Weibo.

Then, the so-called "Great Show" had to be canceled. The designer then said on his Instagram that his account had been "hacked", which most Chinese people took as a lame excuse.

And if you go to the comments on D&G and its designer's ig now, you can see most of the comments are in Chinese (because they delete those written in English...)