A Bus Tragedy

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Nov 2, 2018 23:10
It all started when the bus plunged into the river below the bridge.

On 28th October, in the south-western city of Chongqing, a bus crashed into a sedan before falling into the river down below, leaving passers-by utterly in shock.

All 15 passengers (including the driver) were believed to be not likely to survive.

Nobody understood why.

Then from some scattered evidence, people concluded that it was because the sedan was going in the opposite direction than allowed that the bus accidentally hit it.

A furious nationwide attack on the “woman driver” (it is a wide spread stereotype that “women drivers” are less capable) of the sedan, who was luckily unhurt, ensued.

Then, days later, from a camera footage, it was showed that the sedan driver did obey the traffic rules and was not driving in the wrong direction.

From there, the blame has been shifted from the “woman driver” to the bus driver.

But it is not until today that the truth finally comes out.

From the video footage found on the “black box” on the bus, it is clear that a passenger, who complained that she had missed her stop and asked the driver to stop (which is strictly forbidden by regulations), hit the driver with her phone when the driver refused to do so.

It is then seen that the bus driver rebuked after the non-stop assault and then turned the steering wheel, crashing through a safety barrier into the river.

This incident led to a nationwide discussion on who was mainly to blame (the passenger? the driver? or the other passengers who did not seem to try to stop the altercation?). As can be expected, opinions are overwhelmingly divided.

But for me, it is a tragedy for many innocent souls. And hopefully, we will learn our lesson from it.