I'll tell you a job that my family run used to.

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May 7, 2017 01:15
I'll tell you a job that my family run used to. My family except me used to run dry cleaner in my house. My house is on the shopping street and has three stories. The first floor is the shop and we live in the second floor and third floor. After that a customer brought us their laundry, my father took them to my grandparent's house, because there was a big washing machine and a room where hang them up in the house. It takes about three minutes from my house to their house. After that my mother and grandmother washed and dried them, my father brought them to my house. And then my father and my grandfather ironed them and give them back to the customer. I haven't worked this job, because my family especially my grandmother and my father told me that you didn't have to do our job when I was child.they said "Yuki, this job is going bad in the future." Now there are a lot of good clothes and washing machines, we can wash them in our house. Actually, my house is on the shopping street. There used to be crowds of shopper in the street, but few people are in the street every day, because some big supermarket(grocery stores) were build near here several years ago. So a lot of shopper go there. Many stores and shops close. A lot of young person don't run a parents job on this shopping street. Even if they run the job, they could do it another place. sometimes I think that I want to go back to the time when I was child. I was happy every day.
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