I often use this Japanese"~とか".

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Sep 16, 2019 19:10
I often use this Japanese"~とか".

I often go to a convenience store to buy some lunch/dinner.
when we buy some foods, the store gives me some disposable chopsticks/fork/spoon and straw.
When I go to work after I go there, I need them, but when I go home after I go there, I don't need them, so I tell store clerk "お箸(はし)とかいりません."

In this case, It means "I don't need chopsticks besides fork, spoon and straw."
(I need plastic bag. lol)

To understand the word "とか" might be very difficult.
When you hear the word, you have to expect what the person want to tell you.

I'll show you some examples.

(A-1) 野球が好きですか?
Do you like baseball?
This means "Do you like baseball besides other sports?", but the person might say "do you like baseball?"

(B-1) うどんが好きですか?
Do you like udon?
Do you like udon besides other foods?
In this case, it's very very difficult. Maybe..."~とか" means...soba?
Actually, I'm not sure what foods the person image.

When the person asks you "うどん以外に何が好きですか?"
The person says "What foods do you like except udon?"

I'd like to tell you the right answer, but I can't because the answer depends on the person and the situation.

If you have a problem with Japanese like this, you can send me a message.
When you send me it, write in Japanese or plane English. lol