Have you heard of "お薬手帳(okusuriteccho)"?

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May 4, 2019 20:10
Have you heard of "お薬手帳(okusuriteccho)"?
It's a notebook that you keep a record like what medicine you take, when you take it, how many times you take it a day.

Okusuri/kusuri means medicine. Okusuri is a polite way of kusuri.
Techo has some meanings like notebook, planner, diary.
Here the meaning is notebook.

Usually you can get it in a pharmacy/ a hospital/a clinic.
When you get prescription medicine, you can get the notebook.
You don't need to pay some money for the notebook.

When I go to a pharmacy, a pharmacist always gave me prescription medicine and sticker printed the name of medicine, how many times I take it a day, when I take it.
It depends on the situation and pharmacy.

I'm not sure if you can get the notebook or not when you get over the counter medicine.

I forgot bringing it to the pharmacy and I did next week again.
the pharmacist said "As long as you bring it, amount is 30 yen cheaper than when you don't bring it." I didn't know that.