Japanese can eat a restaurant.

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May 3, 2019 11:56
Japanese can eat a restaurant.

Have you heard of this phrase?

It literally mean this/that restaurant tastes good.

When we tell you if foods taste good, we say "(それは)おいしい" and we can also say "(A)".This expression means "the foods you ate tasted good."

Actually we usually use this word "お店/店" instead of "レストラン", so you can also say "この/あのお店はおいしい."
When we hear these phrases, we never say "Can/Could you eat that restaurant?"
But do not say "この家はおいしい."
This means "this house taste good."
If you are in the house and eat some foods, we never say that.
If we hear that, we would say "Can/Could you eat this house?"

We say "おいしい" after eating or while eating, but we often use the simple present like おいしい.
you can also say "おいしかった." It's the past simple.